Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guide to: Keeping Up With Shoes

My kids don't wear shoes in the house. It's not a rule, it's actually a strange phenomenon. As soon as they walk in the door their shoes fly off their feet! But then again, it never fails, when it's time to go, someone's shoe or shoes grew feet and walked away. Sometimes they're quickly found under the coffee table but most times they're up on the second floor buried deep in their closet under many toys.

In order to ease some of the stress and frustration when leaving the house, I came up with a central place to store their every day shoes. I installed a "shoe shelf" in our laundry room on the first floor not far from the exit door. The bottom shelf contains two baskets. One houses baseball hats and sun visors in the summer and mittens, hats and scarfs in the winter. The other basket contains their socks. Speaking of socks.....well....that's another post all together!

If you don't have enough real estate in your laundry room for an entire shelf, be creative. You might have room in your garage or coat closet. You could also find a wicker basket and place it in a corner near the door.

(Note: Yes! We are missing a few shoes. My oldest has a broken leg so she's wearing only her left shoes right now.)


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